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Personal fundraisers - 
See's Candies - Players receive approximately 50% of the dollar amount of orders placed. A team order will be placed, and each player's account will be credited for the earnings for their orders. Checks should be payable to Bingham Girls Lacrosse. Orders must be turned in to Wolfgang Ruegner by Nov. 28th. Please contact Wolfgang at 801-703-0301 for details, order sheets and envelopes.
Mister Car Wash Passes - Express Wash passes cost $5 and may be sold for $10. Full Service passes cost $7 and may be sold for $15. You purchase the passes in advance and then keep the cash as they are sold. If you are interested in purchasing passes, please contact Christine Young at 801-651-6787.
These are available throughout the year, but make great stocking stuffers.
Team fundraiser - 
Bingham Girls Lacrosse is teaming up with Big Brothers Big Sisters for a holiday clothing drive. Each player is asked to collect NINE (yes nine) 33-gallon garbage bags of needed items. The girls can start collecting at any time and store the donations in their garage. BBBS will bring a truck to Bingham on January 6th and weigh all of the bags. The more we collect the more we make! We want to fill as big a truck as possible. 
This is a super easy fundraiser that helps those in need and can also raise a considerable amount of money for the team. It is a win-win for everyone! We can easily make $2000 if everyone does their part. All we need to do is clean out our closets and invite our neighbors and friends to do the same!! The money will be used to pay for hotel and other travel expenses for an out-of-town tournament. Any player who does not participate will be asked to pay their portion of the hotel expenses, etc. You can advertise on social media and we will also provide a flyer you can hand out.
If you have further questions, please contact Debbie Fordham at 801-831-0619.
Accepted Items – Clothing, shoes, towels, blankets, sheets, coats, hats, mittens/gloves, table clothes, curtains.
No furniture, appliances, toys, or other household items - soft, cloth items only.