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I thought everyone might like to see the bio's that the senior parents wrote about their players. Below are the bio's that were read on senior night.     

#39 Alexis (Lexi) Padilla - Lexi is a wonderful daughter she is always keeping us on our toes with her spunky attitude, and her funny quick witted remarks. Lacrosse has helped Lexi to become more outgoing and to strive for her accomplishments.

Lexi will be moving to New Mexico to go to Beauty School after graduating high school. We are very proud parents and are excited to see what the future brings with her.


#5 Veronica Robinson - Veronica, with her naturally loving and cheerful personality, has enjoyed the connections and teamwork that lacrosse has provided over the past seven years. Her plans and dreams include furthering her studies at Utah State University, and serving an LDS mission. This summer she will reunite with her five siblings, and five nieces and nephews in the mountains of Colorado.

She wishes to thank all who have made Bingham Lacrosse a wonderful, growing experience.


#8 Joelle CurtisJoelle is a fun loving, inclusive, kind hearted young lady.  She has great focus and is very organized.  She loves serving others and has a positive attitude.  She is very talented and always strives to do her best.  She is a hard worker and very determined.  We could go on and on about all of her wonderful qualities.  But let’s just say she makes being a parent easy!

She has loved playing lacrosse with her friends, and has made new friends because of being on the lacrosse teams these last two years.  It has given her more confidence, and made her an overall happier person.  She has become more social and is grateful that the lacrosse family welcomed her with open arms.

Joelle should graduate from Bingham with a 4.0 as long as all goes well this last month.  Then she will head to Utah State this fall for her first year of college life.  After that she is looking forward to serving an LDS mission.  We are so thankful we have had the amazing opportunity of being her parents!  We love you Joelle.


#29 Sammy DelliSammy is one of the most kind and caring people that I know. She is truly one of a kind! Her grandma used to say that she has an “Old Soul” and anyone who knows her would agree!  She loves everyone and everything and especially loves food!

Sammy tried everything from dance (which she absolutely hated) to soccer (which was too political) to karate (which she was amazing at but hated to spar) to softball (which I was so sad to see her stop playing) and finally to Lacrosse (which she absolutely loves)! She has gained so many friends not just here at Bingham but across the lacrosse community in Utah. She started playing in 5th grade with the junior program, made varsity her 9th grade year, played for Mamaci for 4 years and was on the Utah/Idaho National team for the last 2 years. These have been the best 7 years of her life! She has been able to travel to Idaho, Colorado, California, Las Vegas, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania with lacrosse and will be traveling to Jamaica in July with the Fields of Growth program to teach the kids there how to play lacrosse for a week.

Along with Sammy’s busy schedule with lacrosse, school and work she is currently in an internship program with Unified Fire house station 126 and wants to be a firefighter/Paramedic when she graduates college. It’s still undecided but she we most likely be attending Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado where she will play DII lacrosse at a collegiate level and will be majoring in Fire & Science.

We are so very proud of Sammy’s accomplishments and can’t wait to see where life will take her. (As long as it’s not too far away)!

We love you more than you know!

Mom and Ray


#32 Carlee Morf - The first word that comes to mind when I think of Carlee is compassion.

On many occasions she has come home from school expressing her concern for the underdog.  Her soft heart and concern for others is one of the many attributes she possesses. Carlee loves family and especially relates to the little children.  It's fair to say she is probably a favorite among her cousins.  She is somewhat of a perfectionist, which can drive her parents crazy at times! When she decides to do something she gives 100% effort.

Carlee loves the outdoors.  She enjoys skiing, hiking, fishing, wake boarding, camping and boating.  Lake Powell is currently her favorite place on earth!

Fitness is another love of hers and when she's not busy with Lacrosse you can find her at the gym,

By playing lacrosse Carlee has learned the true meaning of friendship.  She truly loves her teammates and the bond they share. Carlee will move forward in life grateful for the lessons of responsibility, dedication, sacrifice and perseverance learned as a member of this team. 

 We have loved watching Carlee play lacrosse and will miss watching her play with this amazing group of girls.


#36 Sydney Christensen – Sydney can best be described as determined, persistent and sassy. Her personality was evident from day one and it has served her well over the years. Her early years were defined by a “no fear” attitude as kept up with her adored older brothers. Syd has had many health challenges but she has never allowed them to define her or hold her back from achieving her dreams. When many others would have quit, she continued to look for ways around her health issues. Syd is a loyal daughter, sister and friend and those who know her know that she will have their back every time.

Lacrosse has been Sydney’s life since she was 5 years old, when she first picked up a stick. She anxiously waited for the day when she would finally be allowed to play by spending hours practicing with her brothers and their friends. When she was 8 years old, she could be found practicing with the West Jordan High School Girls Lacrosse Team. Her love of lacrosse has brought her many experiences and life-long friends.

Sydney along with her teammate, Sammy, will take their love of lacrosse to Jamaica this summer, where they plan to teach lacrosse and provide other volunteer service. Syd’s desire to help and serve others defined her career goals as she will major in Exercise Science and continue on to a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. In the fall, she will be attending UVU to play lacrosse for one of her favorite coaches. We are so proud of Sydney and her accomplishments and we know she will continue to influence and help others as she goes through her life!


#37 Alissa BullockAlissa has always been very tender hearted.  She is empathetic to those less fortunate than her.  She is kind and funny.  She loves to joke and laugh.   She loves hanging out with her friends.  She tries to be a good example to others. 

She loves animals (especially dogs).  She is currently enrolled in Vet Tech at SLCC.  She volunteers at the Humane Society and always threatens to bring home all the animals. 

 Alissa always does her best at everything she does.  She is a perfectionist and gets upset when things don't go right. 

 Alissa has always been a very good student.  She has a 3.9 GPA and has earned multiple scholarships.  One from Utah State University which she will be attending in the Fall.

She will be rooming with her sister and hopefully playing lacrosse!

 Lacrosse has been so good for Alissa!  She has met some great people, made some AWESOME lifelong friends, learned a new sport, and has learned how to be part of a team.  She has had so much fun playing lacrosse!  It has given her something to focus on.  We are so thankful for everyone who has helped Alissa learn this crazy sport!

 We are so grateful for Alissa being a part of our family and so proud of her and who she has become. We know that she can accomplish anything she sets her heart and mind to.

Thank you Alissa for being our daughter! We love you!

 p.s. if she's not crying yet, she will be!


#40 Nicole Puertas - Nicole is as sweet and compassionate girl. She is always willing to help others. She has applied more structured discipline and responsibility by playing Lacrosse, she learned to love this sport and gained so much confidence. Her dreams is travel the world and get to know other cultures, even though she has already been in China Great Wall (China), Chichen Itza (Mexico) and Machupichu (Peru), and an upcoming trip to Roman Coliseum (Italy) she is still in the search for more adventure.

She has been admitted to Honors Colleague at University of Utah, she is still undecided on her major, but she leans towards social work, or international studies. Nicole is leaving her home nest in August live in the college dorms. – Nicole Puertas


#48 Kaytlin Porter - Kaytlin is the youngest of six children. By this summer all of her siblings will be married so she refers to herself as the 13th wheel. She is also an aunt to three children who adore her.

She just quit her job at Taco Time with plans for a better job for the summer.

Kaytlin is a great student maintaining a 3.9 GPA while taking many AP and concurrent enrollment classes. 

Her favorite activity is hanging out with her friends.

Her favorite place to relax from life is the bathroom sink.

Her plans for the future is to attend Utah State University with a scholarship she earned. She is planning to major in Special Education. Her mom is glad there are plans for lacrosse up at Utah State so she can still see Kaytlin play. She has loved lacrosse and her teammates. Even though she is not usually an emotional person the end of the lacrosse season will bring on the tears. – Kaytlin Porter


#77 Jordan Judd - Jordan can be described as athletic, smart, friendly, really friendly, happy, feisty, energetic, loud at times, okay loud most of the time,  lover of animals, advocate of animals, straight shooter, strong shooter, a friend to everyone, one of the biggest hearts anyone will find, a mentor to the disabled and a genuine human being. 

Jordan plans to attend Utah State University in the fall and study Veterinary Science.  We're confident she'll make her way back to the lacrosse field and will eventually face off against Ashley at Boise State during their seasons.  Our house will lose a lot of energy when she moves as Jordan brightens any place.

I could go on for innumerable pages but I'll end by saying that Jordan will continue to leave a strong and positive mark on whatever community she is in.  A parent couldn't ask for more.


#88 Olivia Woolley - Olivia is determined…to the point of being stubborn.  She dreams…sometimes too much.  She lives life to its fullest…sometimes too full.  She survives on minimal sleep.  She loves high adventure and seems to have no fear.  She loves to laugh…sometimes at herself and sometimes at others.  She is a prankster.  Somehow her Dad forgets April Fool’s comes around every year.  This year, she crushed Coke bottles and scattered the glass inside his passenger car door and around the ground outside the door.  Eventually, after his panic attack, she rolled the passenger car window up to show him it was a joke…no one had broken into his car.  She loves her family and is very supportive of her siblings’ activities.  She cares deeply.  She includes others who are left out and lifts others who are down.

Olivia learned discipline and persistence in lacrosse.  She learned that talent is important, but teamwork wins the games.  She learned that good coaches motivate.  She learned that she loves this game and these girls.

Olivia loves to travel.  She would give her left leg to visit every continent.  She wants to participate in a study abroad program and a humanitarian effort.  In her dreams she lives by the beach, has everyone wait on her, skis and boats to her hearts content, flies her own plane to all of these adventures, and eventually settles down to have at least 10 kids. 

In reality, after she graduates she is going on a cruise with her mom and some friends.  She plans to play all summer, once her cast is off.  Her parents are hopeful that she’ll get a job and pay off all of her cheer and lacrosse debt. This fall, she will be heading to Utah State to pursue a business degree and possibly play intramural lacrosse.  She will be living with Veronica in a freshman dorm in Logan. 

As her parents, we couldn’t be more proud of Olivia, her accomplishments, and the beautiful woman she is inside and out.  We love you Livi!!




by Jon Elmen posted 04/26/2016

Are you looking for a way to ELEVATE your lacrosse skills this summer?

Utah ELEVATE Lacrosse Club is an OPEN developmental off-season program with
the primary focus of helping girls, grades 7-11, ELEVATE their lacrosse skills and take
their games to the next level.  Practicing during the off-season and competing in local
tournaments will allow you to focus on becoming a better athlete, master complex team
concepts, ELEVATE your individual skills and prepare for high school level
competition. Utah ELEVATE believes that every girl should have the opportunity to
participate in an off-season development programs and we do not hold try-outs.
Practices run from the middle of May until the end of July. We normally practice two
times a week with each practice lasting 2 hours. Times and locations are yet to be
This year we are expanding to other areas and adding U-15 teams to all areas. We will
form as many regional teams as possible.  We are planning to have U-15 and U-17
teams in Davis County, Utah County and a couple of teams in Salt Lake County.  If we
don't get enough players to form a team in an area we will combine areas as needed. 
Teams will practice separately at locations convenient for the players.
Along with scheduled practices, you will have the opportunity to attend as many local
tournaments as possible. Local lacrosse tournaments have become a great way for
players to be exposed to competition they normally don’t get to see during the regular
season. Our area has numerous tournaments for players and teams at every level of
the game to participate in. When attending tournaments, we have 2 goals in mind. The
first is to get the players as much playing time as possible. The second is to have fun.
We are offering 2 registration packages this year.  The Bandit package includes 20
practices days during the season with the option to register for tournaments at a later
date.  The Renegade package includes the same as the Bandit package plus
discounted fees for 3 local tournaments (Ski Town Shoot Out, Utah Lax Cup, and Salt
City Classic). Fee’s cover coaches stipends, field rentals, equipment and
administrative costs. Tournament fee’s, which vary per tournament, cover coaches’
stipends, coaches lodging, food, and transportation costs, and team/player registration
fees.  Player lodging, food and transportation costs are not included.
Early bird registration is now open for the 2016 Summer session.  Visit our website to
For more information email .

by Jon Elmen posted 04/26/2016
True Lacrosse Girls Team Tryouts

True Lacrosse Utah offers players the best coaching and playing opportunities in the Country. Through True Lacrosse players gain expert knowledge of the game from our experienced coaching staff, all of whom have played at the collegiate level. We practice more than any other club team in the region, and we specifically design our practices to mirror the pace and structure of a Division I program. This year, all True Lacrosse teams will begin to travel to some of the best tournaments in the nation

Our Youth Teams will participate in regional tournaments throughout the Fall and Summer. They will participate in 1 Fall Tournament and 3 Summer Tournaments. In addition to their tournaments, teams will participate in a number of practice throughout the week. These practices and tournaments will provide our players the opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in the country! 

Our High School Teams will travel to Summer Recruiting Tournaments, giving each player the opportunity to be seen by a number of college coaches. If you wish to continue playing at the collegiate level, we will provide you with thorough guidance throughout the entire recruiting process to help you gain entry to a school where you will be challenged, happy and successful. These Recruiting Tournaments are designed to give you the best exposure and will put you up against some of the best competition the sport has to offer.


True will be holding tryouts on Tuesday May 24th, 2016 at the Eccles field house in Salt Lake City, all those who wish to try out should register as soon as possible.

Summer tryout link click here.

by Jon Elmen posted 04/08/2016
Varsity Photos

Thank you to Marc Gibson for all the photos

by Jon Elmen posted 03/22/2016
Varsity Schedule UPDATED!!

UPDATED!!  The 2016 Spring Varsity schedule has been released. With an all new league format the varsity team will play 12 league games which count towards playoffs. At the end of the season all of the teams will be ranked to determine playoff seeding. Here is this years league schedule.

Tuesday, March 8th @ Pleasant Grove

Tuesday, March 15th vs Skyline

Thursday March 17th vs Judge

Saturday, March 19th vs Cheyenne Mountain, CO.

Wednesday, March 30th vs Herriman

Monday, April 4th vs Copper Hills

Monday, April 11th @ Riverton

Friday, April 15th @ Brighton

Wednesday, April 20th vs West Jordan

Tuesday, April 26th @ Woods Cross

Thursday, April 28th vs Timpanogos (Senior Night)

Monday, May 2nd @ Jordan

Wednesday, May 4th @ Mountain Crest



by Jon Elmen posted 12/30/2015
Girls Lacrosse Equipment Starter Package

The Bingham Lacrosse program is again offering an equipment starter package at a great price. The package includes at complete stick, goggles, mouth guard, and a ball for $85. Purchased separately from a local retailer, these items would cost more than $110. These sticks should last the girls through their high school careers.

Items may be purchased individually at the discounted rate.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these package, or would like more information contact Jon Elmen, 801-330-4795, or email

by JonElmen posted 10/29/2015
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