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  • Upcoming Tournament: 2018 LaX RoX Winter Invitational Lacrosse Tournament, St. George UT Feb 23-24  
Lone Pine Bakery Fundraising Opportunity

Here is another fundraising opportunity that all you have to do is send out an email with the link attached so your friends and family can order an ecard to be used at Lone Pine Bakery.  Check your inbox for the email to send out.




The player will receive 40% of any eCard purchase made from 1/15/2018-1/31/2018. 

by posted 01/12/2018
Sees Valentines Candy Order Fundraiser

Valentines Candy % back per item

Ongoing Fundraiser Opportunity For Valentines Day

This year we wanted to give you more opportunities to help pay off your team fees with ongoing fundraisers. 

This order must be turned in to Wolfgang Ruegner by Feb 1st in order to receive your candy before Valentines Day.  Please contact Wolfgang, 801-703-0301, to make arrangements to turn in your order form. .



by posted 01/12/2018
Sees Spring Candy Order Fundraiser

Spring Candy % back per item

Ongoing Fundraiser Opportunity For Spring

This year we wanted to give you more opportunities to help pay off your team fees with ongoing fundraisers. 

This order must be turned in to Wolfgang Ruegner by Mar 16th in order to receive your candy before Easter.  Please contact Wolfgang, 801-703-0301, to make arrangements to turn in your order form. .

by posted 01/12/2018
2018 LaX RoX Tournament Feb 23-24



Sullivan Soccer Park 
965 S Washington Fields Rd
Washington, UT 84780

Facility Rules

  1. No dogs, with the exception of service animals
  2. No alcohol
  3. No grills
  4. No RV’s
  5. No staked tents, pop-ups only
  6. Baseball/Softball fields are off limits
  7. No teams/vendors will be allowed to sell merchandise on site unless they have met the Washington City Park Use Regulations (see Washington City Park Regulations for details)

by posted 01/10/2018
Winter Conditioning Schedule

Winter Conditioning Officially Begins Jan 9th 2018  


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-6pm (*see note below)

Every Monday and Friday 5-6pm (no lax equipment required)


*For T, W and TH: Always have your cleats for outside, tennis shoes for inside, all of your lacrosse gear, dressed in layers in case you go outside to workout, and a water bottle, as well as your membership card! 


Be ready to meet and listen for instructions from the coaches 5 minutes before start time.

by posted 01/09/2018
Girls Lacrosse Equipment Starter Package

The Bingham Lacrosse program is offering an equipment starter package at a great price. The package includes a complete stick, goggles, mouth guard, and a ball for $85.  Purchased separately from a local retailer, these items would cost more than $110.  These sticks should last through their high school years.

Items may be purchased individually at the discounted rate.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these packages, or would like more information please contact Mike Barney 801-831-8113.

posted 09/27/2017

US Lacrosse has changed the requirements for goggles for the 2017 season.

Effective January 1, 2017, girls eyewear must meet ASTM Standard 3077 to be deemed legal for play.  Previously, eyewear that met either the ASTM Standard 803 or 3077 have been allowed. Please see the link below for a list of eyewear that meets the current standard:


WHY was this change implemented? The eyewear standard change was announced several years ago and has been in the rulebook for a couple years to help phase in the implementation.  It is not uncommon for ASTM to update its standards after several years.  The long implementation is common for equipment changes and something US Lacrosse works with the NFHS to phase in in order to not create a budget impact. 

In this particular instance, the 3077 standard reflects two changes.  One, the 803 standard was not sport specific so for example, a consumer could mistakenly get eyewear that met 803 but not for lacrosse.  Secondly, the testing protocol was changed specific to our sport and arguably to better test for the sport and safe play.    Most manufacturers have taken their current products and had them retested to the standard. US Lacrosse recommends that you reach out to the specific manufacturer of your goggles if your model is not listed and see if they have plans to retest.

posted 09/26/2017
Uniform Guidelines

Dear Players and Parents:

Bingham Lacrosse is known for how well they look on the field.  Here are a few mandatory uniform guidelines. (Players, MAKE SURE THIS NOTE GETS TO YOUR PARENTS.)

US Lacrosse rule is that all undergarments, i.e. Under Armour-type clothing which is worn when cold, must be of the the same color among all the players.  Bingham elects to wear white.  Therefore, all leggings and long sleeves must be white with no wording showing through.  (If it’s a small Nike-type logo, that’s ok, just nothing obnoxious that would take away from the look of the uniform.)  You can buy these undergarments on the Bingham clothing order website (through Tribal Lacrosse) or you may find some on your own.

Sports bras MUST be worn.  No bra straps are to be showing outside of the racerback style of the uniform.  Sports bras are to be a solid color, no crazy color, to take away from the look of the uniform.

Since it is VERY difficult to size uniforms, due to batching changes by the manufacturer, sometimes they are large (hopefully never too small). Alterations are allowed at your cost as long as it doesn’t compromise the look of the uniform.  However, a warning in doing this is that this uniform should last you all years of your high school lacrosse experience, in case you haven’t finished growing yet.

Take care of this uniform.  Wash on gentle cycle and hang dry.  It needs to last.  If you lose your uniform, you cannot get a new one until next year.  Without a uniform, you cannot play on the field.

As uniforms in the industry get discontinued, we have to adjust to find different ones based on comparable appearance.  If your teammate has a slightly different one than you, don’t worry.  On the field you will look the same. 

If you have questions, feel free to contact Jenna Miller:  (801) 750-5711; jennamiller282@msn.com, or Amy Scharman:  (801) 440-3330;


posted 09/01/2017
JV Team Pictures

by Jon Elmen posted 04/07/2016
Varsity Photos

Thank you to Marc Gibson for all the photos

by Jon Elmen posted 03/22/2016
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PO Box 95416

South Jordan, UT 84095

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